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It was in the 70s and the NY Giants were having a bad year.  I was about 9 years old and I remember watching my father knock over his "swivel" chair in excitement for what apparently was a rare touchdown.  I rushed over only to find him continuing his celebration while on his back.  I think it was all over for me.  I HAD to SEE more.  


What was it about this game that caused

a grown man to act so ridiculous?  

I guess I was determined to find out, so every Sunday I began to follow the Giants.  It wasn't long before I understood the game and could understand the "addiction" or I'd like to refer to as



Season after season I watched and I realized just how few of my girlfriends knew what I knew.  Most didn't care one bit.  Or at least that's what they all said....  


This effort is because of a tremendous desire

I have to change a few minds,

make some more fans who


and have 


with this game just like me!




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